Welcome to English 354!

This is the class blog. It is the syllabus and may (will) change to accommodate learning styles and needs. The main navigation for the site is in the red menu above. It includes the following:

  • HOME: New posts that I make with information, tips, small homework assignments, etc., will be posted here on this “Home” page, as blog posts. You can set up an RSS feed to get these updates in your email or through an RSS Feed Reader. Besides homework, which will be posted during or after class, I may only post 1-2 items here per week. It is your responsibility to keep up with these postings. Sometimes they include last-minute changes to the homework, if I’ve realized an assignment is wonky, a technology isn’t available, etc. You can always get back to the Home page from within this blog by clicking on the course title above or on the Home link in the red navigation menu above.
  • ABOUT: This page contains the course description, required texts, and a brief run-down of the major assignments.
  • POLICIES: This page contains goals (learning outcomes), expectations and values of student and teacher behavior, and the grading system.
  • RESOURCES: This page contains a list of links, handouts, etc., that we may use in class. If you have suggestions for the Resources page, please let me know.
  • SCHEDULE: The schedule includes our week-by-week meetings, readings, and homework listings.

If you have questions at any time about how this blog works, please let me know. I’m looking forward to this semester!


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