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RAW Features & Roles


— upload assignments teachers had created
— discussion forum (a way to communicate with other readers; easy to set up but who moderation?
— short author bios: other items published that might be of interest; links to other work they had done (short enough to show credibility).
— something on the home page that takes visual advantage of “new media” (to what extent? and who?)
— coherent theme related to the book design!! (same theme, design, color, etc.)
— no book trailer!!
— limit links to useful/rhetorical ones
— how to accommodate all the modes? maybe each chapter has their own page with bios and media? (possibly like NWC TOC as a visual): we like nonlinear
— link back to home (using a graphic)
— use scenes and transitions (maybe in drop-downs) as the main menu instead of chapters
— keep the menu the same on every page
— copyright info and how to cite this page
— where to purchase the book
— book reviews//class discussions
— description of the book, goals, purpose
— mention of filetypes used
— short summaries of each chapter
— website as separate entity from book (thus no sample chapters) (assume aud already has the book; not for selling the book)
— keep media consistent


  • author liaison – ?
  • blog/upload expert
  • usability expert
  • layout editor
  • blog designer
  • graphic designer
  • technical writers
  • copy-editors
  • content manager
  • project manager (consistency checker) — timeline maker and keeper
  • link/archive editor

QUESTION: Based on the features above and how you believe they might correspond with the roles above, what are your top three choices for roles in developing the RAW website? Comment on this post with your ranked list and include a brief description of what you think each of your roles would cover. Due by 8am next Wednesday. Let me know if you have questions.

(Also, continue to tweet me, or post on the ning, which I’ll open on Sunday or Monday with instructions, questions you have about the readings. I’ll be able to answer in more depth online once we have the ning set up, which will give us more time to work on the project in class.)