RAW Features & Roles


— upload assignments teachers had created
— discussion forum (a way to communicate with other readers; easy to set up but who moderation?
— short author bios: other items published that might be of interest; links to other work they had done (short enough to show credibility).
— something on the home page that takes visual advantage of “new media” (to what extent? and who?)
— coherent theme related to the book design!! (same theme, design, color, etc.)
— no book trailer!!
— limit links to useful/rhetorical ones
— how to accommodate all the modes? maybe each chapter has their own page with bios and media? (possibly like NWC TOC as a visual): we like nonlinear
— link back to home (using a graphic)
— use scenes and transitions (maybe in drop-downs) as the main menu instead of chapters
— keep the menu the same on every page
— copyright info and how to cite this page
— where to purchase the book
— book reviews//class discussions
— description of the book, goals, purpose
— mention of filetypes used
— short summaries of each chapter
— website as separate entity from book (thus no sample chapters) (assume aud already has the book; not for selling the book)
— keep media consistent


  • author liaison – ?
  • blog/upload expert
  • usability expert
  • layout editor
  • blog designer
  • graphic designer
  • technical writers
  • copy-editors
  • content manager
  • project manager (consistency checker) — timeline maker and keeper
  • link/archive editor

QUESTION: Based on the features above and how you believe they might correspond with the roles above, what are your top three choices for roles in developing the RAW website? Comment on this post with your ranked list and include a brief description of what you think each of your roles would cover. Due by 8am next Wednesday. Let me know if you have questions.

(Also, continue to tweet me, or post on the ning, which I’ll open on Sunday or Monday with instructions, questions you have about the readings. I’ll be able to answer in more depth online once we have the ning set up, which will give us more time to work on the project in class.)

16 thoughts on “RAW Features & Roles

  1. Amber Dinquel

    Top three choices:

    Project manager: While I’m not well versed in the world of publishing I am organized and extremely capable of time management and planning (as a grad student and instructor you have to be). I believe this would include making a schedule for everyone, making sure everyone is coordinated, and trying to smooth out any snafus that arise in timing or communication.

    Copy-editors: I believe this would include checking over material for grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

    Layout designer: I believe this would be working with wordpress templates and in conjunction with the graphic designer working on the over all look of the website such as font, color scheme, toolbars, etc.

    Either way I think I can survive wherever you need me and more than willing to learn.

  2. Carly Xagas

    Top three choices:
    Copy-editor: This role would include proofreading and editing all of the written content of the site (abstracts, author bios, etc), including author-submitted material that we may include on the site. It may be as simple as checking punctuation/grammar, or as complex as offering developmental feedback to the writers (class writers, not book authors).
    Technical writer: This role would include any of the writing for the site that is not already done by the authors. It may include the writing of author bios or chapter abstracts, as well as the site’s general content, whatever we decide that may include.
    Usability expert: This person would critique the organization and content of the site, making sure it is straight-forward, concise, and easy to navigate, also ensuring that the content doesn’t drown in the site’s loud graphics.

  3. Alli Bartus

    1)Copy-Editor: I basically agree with everything Carly had said about this role. The copy-editor proofreads and edits the entirety of the website: anything our class writes, written work submitted by the authors, etc. They need to make sure from start to finish that everything we put on that site is correct.
    2)Usability Expert: This person would need to make sure every part of the site works. They would have to test out every link and make sure none of them are broken. If we decide to add a forum or anything that’s interactive, the usability expert would need to make sure all that is running smoothly, as well as determining whether or not anyone could come to site and successfully maneuver through it.
    3)Technical Writer: This role would require writing anything that’s not from the author. This could include the author bios or chapter summaries. They could also possibly be responsible for researching the copyright and where to purchase the book information.

  4. Kristen Urchell

    Unfortunately, as much as I would like to change the top 3 choices already listed I do not have the web/computer skills that are necessary.
    My three choices are:
    1) Copy-editer: The role would including editing all written material and checking for consistency throughout the entire website. This would be an extensive project working with all material and all my classmates.
    2) Technical Writer: I have a background in technical writing, which would benefit the website. All the writing and research would be done by a technical writer on our staff.
    3) Usability Expert/Editor: A usability expert would check if the material was consitent, working, and the usable. I changed the title (slightly) because I have different take on the role. As a usability editor I can look at the website as someone with little web knowledge and edit the website for users to make the website as user friendly as possible. I could interact with the technical staff and know which materials aren’t usable but not exactly how to fix them.

  5. Haley Drucker

    1) Layout/graphic designer- I’m not sure if these should really be two separate roles or just one. In either case, what I would like to do is help design the overall look of the site and design how the pages will be organized (links, sidebars, etc). Hopefully there would be more than one person in this role working together, though, since I don’t think one person should be responsible for the way the site looks.

    2) Content manager- I’m not sure what we decided this meant in class, so I’ll interpret it the way that makes sense to me. In this role I would write content for the site, and also edit and prepare content written by others (such as the author bios).

    3) Copy-editor- This would be a far less interesting role than the above two, but at least it’s one I’m well suited for since I am a very detail-oriented person. In this role I would check all material on the site for grammar, correctness, consistency, and style.

  6. Heather Stephenson

    Top three choices:
    1. Technical Writer: I would love to have this role because this, along with publishing, is a field that I really want to get in to after graduation. I really enjoy writing for a specific purpose and audience.
    2. Blog/Upload Expert: Uploading text and pictures onto a computer is about the furthest extent of my computer knowledge… otherwise I’m computer illiterate. I think this job and the Content Manager could be combined. I could check for content and quality and then upload the information.
    3. Usability Tester: This is my third choice because I would be able to test the site and see if everything works or not, but I think a problem is that I might not be able to fix the problems because I am not very good with computers.

  7. Michael Bunce

    1. Copy-editor: For this role I would change the text as necessary, as well as correct the text. Adhering to CMS or whatever style guide we choose, I would make grammar and style consistent throughout blogs, chapter summaries, descriptions, and whatever else is written by technical writers.
    2. Content manager: I feel in this role I would be responsible for the final proofreading and overall appearance of written material for the site (blogs, bios, summaries, and so on), as well as perhaps other media such as audio, video, and flash.
    3. Layout editor: As a layout editor I would be responsible for how the placement of blogs, videos, menus, images, and other media appears on the site, as well as placing much of the content myself.

  8. Alexander Browne

    1) copy-editor-edit and proofread any materials we have to produce.
    2) technical writer-produce the short author bios, citations, copy write information and other ancillary documents.
    3) usability expert-tests the website usability perhaps by asking outsiders to navigate the website at various intervals throughout the building process.

  9. Sarah Fasen

    Copy-editor: This role would include editing and checking the text and the content of the website. I would be responsible for making sure the text is consistent with one another.
    Layout editor: Responsibilites for this role would include how the website is constructed visually and the placement/design of the site. I would really enjoy to be a part of the visual/design team of the website but I am a little worried that it might become a little more technical than my current knowledge but I am willing to learn. I also want to learn more about wordpress.
    Usability expert: the role deals with the navigation of the website and how it will function for others visiting the site. This person must be able to put themselves in the viewers shoes to see how they will see and use the site.

  10. Christina Pallack

    My top three choices are:
    1)Graphic designer- I think being a graphic designer would entail bringing in the images for the project. This could include a knowledge of Photoshop, which I have, as well as the ability to take multiple pictures which I also can do. I also think that to some extent the graphic designer would need to help out on some of the overall design in order to figure out how their images would fit onto the page(s).

    2)Layout editor-The layout editor would need to be the one who makes sure the design of the page is correct. Based on what the entire class agrees on what they want the style and look of the site to be, the layout editor needs to make sure that the class’s vision translates onto the web page.

    3)Blog designer- The blog designer would be someone who has some experience with code. I do have a little experience with code from taking the course Hypertext, but I would like to learn a little more. In this way I think that there would be a need to experiment with the code to get the page to look right.

  11. Julia Drauden

    1. author liaison – I’m not sure if we’ve decided on this being a job for a student or not, but if so I would like to do this because I have interacted with authors and editors in the past in my internship experiences and am confident that I can do this in a professional manner. This person’s responsibility would be to collect author bios and content and distribute it to the content manager(s).

    2. content manager – As I see it, the content manager would work with copy editors, the author liason, blog expert, designers, and project manager to make sure all pieces of content for the site are in possession and where they need to be on the site. This person would double-check the work of the copy editors and others who worked preparing the content in order to assure it is of the quality we want on the site.

    3. layout editor – I have experience creating and editing layouts on paper, and building a few websites of my own in 351, so I know that I have an eye for layout and design. This person would work with the blog expert and blog designer to check for consistency of all page layouts as well as aesthetic quality.

    3a. copy editor – if we decide on not having an author liason, my third choice is copy editor…but I see many other people want this position as well, so it is my last choice.

    Who would be responsible for creating the style sheet? Would this responsibility fall to copy editors as a team? Just curious.

  12. Ariana Haze

    1. Layout editor/Graphic designer — either one of these jobs are fine with me. I don’t know much about either of them really, I am a quick learner so I would have no problem in figuring it out. I also notice that we don’t have too many people who want to deal with this area of the project. As layout editor or graphic designer, you would need to design the website, making it most aesthetically pleasing while working on a good way of incorporating the media that would be used on the site.

    2. Content manager — As content manager I would probably help in providing short summaries for each chapter, but more importantly I would help out with finding an appropriate medium for the content. This would mean a chapter dealing with video or audio should show some video and audio instead of only being a written piece.

    3. Project Manager — As project manager, I would make the timeline and make sure everyone was on task while also helping out where it is needed. The project manager would also have to plan out good times for everyone meeting up and the consistency of the website and the tasks being completed.

    These are my top three choices, but I honestly will take whatever job is needed of me. I know we all have separate jobs, but I think it is really important for us all to correspond and work together to maintain consistency.

  13. Alison Kough

    My top 3:
    # technical writers – I could write about the authors, or chapter summaries

    # copy-editors – I would manage what the technical editors produced so that it’s consistent.

    link/archive editor – I would collect appropriate links with summaries of links and arrange them in a sensible and attractive order

  14. Drew Whitney

    Top 3

    1 – Link Archive Editor – I have some experience in the testing realm from previous job experience. While it isn’t the most exciting job it is critical to maintain the site.

    2 – Layout Editor – I have some website experience from community college and high school but most of it is outdated. Design and maintaining consistency throughout a project are a few areas I enjoy.

    3 – Usability Expert – I spend a lot of time on the internet. I may have lost some of this definition while taking notes as it seems somewhat of a combination of the other two I have listed.

  15. Sean Lewis

    Top 3 Choices:

    1) Usability Expert – I think I am good at viewing material I have worked on as an objective 3rd party. I also have plenty of people outside of the class that could participate in usability testing.
    2) Link Archive Editor – Very similar to usability testing. I am on the internet way too much. I think I would also be useful in this role.
    3) Layout Editor – I have taken Hypertext and feel competent enough to take on this role.

  16. Katie Ericsson

    Top 3 Choices:
    1) Content Manager – I am very good at organizing information and editing to make something as appropriate for the space as possible. I feel I could handle the job of content manager and make sure all of the information gets where it needs to be.
    2) Copy-Editor – I am currently taking a Technical Editing course, and I feel as if I could handle the challenge of editing the website for content and consistency.
    3) Technical Writer – I have taken Technical Writing in the past, so I would be able to check the work I do with the work I’ve done in the past. Also, I would make sure the information for each author and across the website works with other information on the website in its style and content.


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