RAW reflection

To reflect on your experiences working on the RAW website, please write a paper (single-spaced, doesn’t have to be super-formal) that addresses the following:

How would you contextualize/define/explain the work you did (individually, in your small groups, within the whole class structure) within the scholarship of the class (i.e., what we’ve read), within the Publishing sequence program, and to a future internship coordinator or employer? Here are some more distinct questions, to get you started: How did the role you play help/hinder you in completing this project? What did you learn about the process of creating companion websites that relates to the processes of digital publishing as a whole (based on your readings, or our discussions in class)? What did you wish you could do in/for this project that you didn’t get to finish, didn’t know how to do, etc.? What do you think you will take away from this project and be able to apply to your next one (about copy- and design-editing digital media scholarhip) for this class? And, then, to print publishing?

Feel free to address anything else needed. This is a lot to cover; I suspect they’ll be around 3-5 pages ss, but just do a first (readable) draft. I’m more interested in your fleshed out thoughts than in the perfection of how they are presented. Oh, and email these to me when you’re done. They’re due by start of class on the 24th.

Let me know if you have questions.


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